eXERD™ is an Eclipse-based, intelligent and intuitive E-R modeling tool. With eXERD, not only the experienced, but also beginners can do the database modeling with ease. eXERD™ will offer you a new world of modeling.


eXERD™ is an Eclipse-based, intelligent and intuitive E-R modeling tool. With eXERD, not only the experienced, but also beginners can do the database modeling with ease. eXERD™ will offer you a new world of modeling.

eXERD™ supports editing physical properties – including reverse/forward engineering from/to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and MySQL. More than that, it is supposed to support Korean domestic databases later.

What Is Different?

From various aspects, eXERD™ pursuits new values based on unique beliefs.

  • eXERD™ makes the user’s work a pleasant one and thus raises efficiency.
  • eXERD™ informs situations with simple, explicit animations, instead of long and complex messages.
  • eXERD™ puts focus more on the working patterns of the users than the product features specification.
  • eXERD™ does not let people do the works that need not be done by human power.
  • eXERD™ try to understand the exact intention of the user’s commands.

You Can Do Whatever With eXERD™

There is nothing impossible in computing world. The thing is how to do it? Now you can design database modeling more graceful, creative, innovative and faster way. Using one of the most advanced developing tools, you can be more productive and creative expert.

Tomato System Co., Ltd. is a software development company that develops and sells efficient and useful software in various domains.

A tomato has the same color both in inner and outer side. The name ‘tomato’ is the same regardless of writing forward or backward order. Like a tomato, Tomato System consistently pursuits the clients’ values from first to last.

Tomato System is devoting full energy to produce the best software with transparent management, and flaming passion of the experts.

Various automatization of eXERD™ drastically reduces the working time.

Edit as you see.

eXERD™ enables you to design E-R models with ease, as if you edit a spreadsheet.

eXERD™ traces the changes visually.

eXERD™ offers the comparison & merge feature so that enables you to trace the history, compare and merge – with files, current and last versions, and with database.

Tracing Consistency and Automatic Modification.

eXERD™ has checking and correcting function to help you with management of consistency of the E-R model.

Amazing Artificial Intelligence.

Still having a hard time in rearranging the entangled relationship lines? Have a look around a whole new way of working.

Quick Search.

Using various search functions, you can move to the spot you want in a moment.

Reverse Engineering

By reverse engineering, you can obtain the E-R model even in the form of a excellent diagram.

More will be added soon!

Inline WYSIWYG Editing

In eXERD™, you can edit most of the tasks in WYSIWIG method within the diagrams.


Using the domains, you can abstract and reuse the roles of the columns.

  • Inheritance among the domains
  • Data Type
  • Default Value Expression
  • Automatic domain creation

Naming Rules

  • Specifies naming rules by each project.
  • Detects and Modifies long names exceeding the length limit.

Design Style

  • Relationship notation: IE / Barker
  • Table themes
  • Tagging by colors of columns
  • Colors and fonts of each role column

Data Dictionary

  • Creating / editing data dictionary
  • Automatic application of physical names
  • Automatic inference and application for compound names
  • Automatic detecting and correcting violations of data dictionary

Data Compatibility

Forward/Reverse Engineering

  • Oracle 9, 10, 11
  • DB2 UDB 8.X, 9.X
  • MSSQL 2005, 2008, 2012
  • MySQL 5.1, 5.5


eXERD™ delivers lots of information via animation instead of text messages. Animations deliver information about changes or modification in models more intuitively in various situations.

Context Help Messages

Context Help Messages are more than just help messages. In any context, in any dialog window, press F1 key whenever you need help.

Automatic Update

eXERD™ is updated automatically. You will enjoy new features and new experiences from each update.

Artificial Intelligence

eXERD™ includes up-to-date techniques such as simulations used in Physics or mathematical algorithms like ‘finding the shortest path’ used in games. These techniques prevent the users from mechanical, routine repetitions and raises efficiency

Comparison / Merge

eXERD™ traces and presents the changes of models in visual way. Also it provides merge feature and creates reports.

  • Comparison with previous versions of a local file
  • Comparison with other files which are copied and modified.
  • Comparison with database

Review and Modification

eXERD™ offers many features to check the consistency, and automatically modifies in bulk if possible.

Powerful XScript Engine

eXERD™ has the most advanced and dedicated script engine and editor, beyond comparison with other tools.

eXERD™ is completely integrated with Eclipse.

Eclipse is effectively the best IDE which won JOLT award and loved by many developers worldwide. eXERD™ is completely integrated with Eclipse and works together in many functions such as version management and other useful Eclipse plugins.

Users need not run extra programs nor change the existing work environment.

With the cooperation from IBM, eXERD™ supports DB2.

IBM supports the sales of eXERD™, and eXERD™ supports IBM DB2.


Since IBM announced relational model in 1969, IBM DB2 has been built strong foundation as a client/server database product based on consistent architecture and excellent relational database technology. This is the achievement resulted from the efforts to provide major business domains of clients with extensibility, diversity, high availability, stability, reliability, usability and maintainability.

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